The Living Earth Show
Photo by Linda Hanson


Samuel Carl Adams: Tension Study No.1
Jon Russell: Repetitive Stress
Damon Waitkus: North Pacific Garbage Patch
Adrian Knight: Family Man
Timo Andres: You broke it, you bought it

LES Reviewed by SF Classical Voice

LES Reviewed by Steve Smoliar @

The Living Earth Show

  • 2012

Guitarist Travis Andrews and percussionist Andrew Meyerson are The Living Earth Show, a San Francisco-based chamber ensemble. The Living Earth Show (formerly Ballsagna) performs commissioned compositions for guitar and percussion, with or without electronics, and has commissioned works by such composers as Alden Jenks, Samuel Adams, Alexis Alrich, Dan Becker, Max Stoffregen, Damon Waitkus, Luciano Chessa, Jon Russell, and Brendon Randall-Myers. The Living Earth Show’s music draws from its members’ diverse musical backgrounds performing rock, Celtic, jazz, and Polynesian music. The members of the Living Earth Show, with bassist Jason Braatz, also comprise the avant-metal trio Freighter.

Multi-instrumentalist Travis Andrews toured nationally and internationally with several bands before completing his Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Wisconsin and his Master of Music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music under David Tanenbaum. He was the 2009 alternate winner of the San Francisco Conservatory’s Guitar Concerto Competition, and received the Conservatory’s 2009 awards for Outstanding Guitarist and Outstanding Jazz Improviser. He is a staff instructor of guitar and mandolin at the String Letter Music School in San Anselmo, California, and contributes regularly to Acoustic Guitar Magazine. He is the author of The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Guitar from String Letter Publishing. Travis also founded the progressive rock band Freighter (, whose 2008 debut is an Editor’s Pick on CDBaby.

Andrew “The Edge” Meyerson made his Carnegie Hall debut three months before he was born, performing as Featured Fetus in the critically acclaimed world premiere of “Breath,” Elliott Carter’s landmark concerto for sonographer and string orchestra. Upon maturation, “The Edge” studied percussion performance simultaneously at every music conservatory in the United States, maintaining a solid but unremarkable 3.1 GPA. From July through October of 1998, “The Edge” played the role of Zac in the Universal Music Group’s “Hanson,” a mid-1990s social experiment and market research vehicle. In his spare time, “The Edge” enjoys playing volleyball, sipping tea, and reflecting. “The Edge” performs on a vibraphone fashioned from the bones of his enemies and custom-tuned just south of A440 by Boltz Percussion Industries in San Francisco, California. Boltz Percussion Industries considers “The Edge” to be a Signature Artist and pays him $50 every time he mentions Boltz Percussion Industries in his biography. One time, “The Edge” hit a guy with his car and didn’t tell anyone about it until now.

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